While Kylie Jenner gave birth to a baby girl just eight months ago, she’s already thinking of having more babies in the future. However, she wants girls and girls only. According to a source who spoke to Heat magazine, “She’s always asking Kim and Kourtney how they can possibly deal with having boys. She feels like boys are so badly behaved and she wouldn’t know what to do with one.”

Considering the 21-year-old shares so many great bonds with girls, from her daughter Stormi and mama Kris Jenner, to so many sisters and nieces, it’s no shocker Kylie only wants to have daughters.

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Kylie is reportedly so serious about only having girls, she’s willing to undergo surgery for it. While she’s no stranger to going under the knife, as she’s been open about her lip fillers before, this procedure would be something totally new for the reality star. According to the insider, she’s willing to undergo IVF, aka using gender selection for her next pregnancy, which consists of only implanting viable female embryos.

The source also added, “She’s made an appointment with a gender-selection specialist in LA, and she’s hoping to get pregnant within a year. Travis doesn’t seem to have realized everything that goes into the process — all the drugs she’ll have to take and the number of embryos that have to be created. But he does whatever she wants.”

While this procedure may still seem taboo to some, other stars are open about their experience, such as Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy admitted to welcoming both her baby girl Luna and baby boy Miles via IVF.

They may have different reasons behind using IVF, but it’s safe to say having Stormi has changed Kylie for the better. She claims her daughter has boosted her confidence and made her accept everything about herself.

Regardless, we’re so here for the matriarch.