Kylie Jenner Spills the Tea on Life After Tyga — “I Feel Way More Free!”

We hope Tyga is not watching Kylie Jenner‘s new reality show because she is not holding back about their split. In a sneak preview of this week’s episode of Life of Kylie, the brunette beauty reveals she is feeling better than ever and her friends can’t agree more.

“I’ve had more fun this past month than I have in like years,” Kylie said in the clip shared by E!. “Like the last three years of my life were just like a blur. I just stayed in the house all day.”

She continued, “Now it’s like, I feel like I can be more myself. I feel way more free. I’m just like really, genuinely happy right now.”

Her makeup artist Ariel Tejada and hair stylist Tokyo Toni also made it clear they prefer “single” Kylie. “I haven’t seen you this happy in a while,” Tokyo quipped while blow-drying her now infamous Met Gala platinum blonde wig.

Ouch. To add fuel to the fire, Kylie recently celebrated her 20th birthday alongside her rumored new boyfriend Travis Scott — who is also a rapper just like her ex. Sources revealed exclusively to Life & Style that Kylie loves showering the hip-hop star with gifts.

Kylie has already “spent thousands of dollars on new jewelry and designer clothes” for the 25-year-old, said an insider. “She also buys him nice dinners and has promised him exotic vacations.”

Meanwhile, Tyga, 27, is also telling his side of the story, opening up about his split from the Kardashian beauty on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club. “I like to keep the mystique, but I knew that’s kind of how she made her money. It’s not for me, bro,” he said of dating the social media savvy star. “I mean, when it was good, it was good. When it was bad, it was really bad.”

The “Rack City” rapper added that the first year of any relationship “is like magic,” but then “you start realizing a bunch of sh-t.” It looks like these two are better off apart.

For a look back at Kyga’s relationship, check out the gallery below!