Kylie Jenner's Sock Collab With Rob Kardashian Is the Nightmare Fuel We Didn’t Need Today


So you probably follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and every other social media platform, but in case you needed more Ky in your life, Rob Kardashian, aka the Kardashian Sock Mogul Extraordinaire, has now given fans the opportunity to wear his baby sis on their feet!

In a new collab, The Kylie Shop has teamed up with Arthur George, Rob’s sock brand, to create an interesting line of new socks.

While some are pretty generic, like the one that simply says, “I love lip kits,” others caught our eye, like the socks with middle fingers all over them.

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But there is one that will live in our nightmares forever. And it features a weird and honestly disturbing cartoon of Kylie Jenner.

Be warned.

(Photo Credit: TheKylieShop.com)

Don’t think they’re that bad? Well, here’s a look at the two socks together.

We are telling you. Nightmare. Fuel.

(Photo Credit: TheKylieShop.com)

While Rob, who is in the middle of a revenge porn scandal with baby mama Blac Chyna, has bigger things to worry about other than his sock line — like, you know, possibly getting arrested — we think Kylie could’ve put a little more thought into the socks.

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The 19-year-old can’t catch a break these days, so it seems, as she and big sis Kendall Jenner got in trouble after putting their faces on vintage band tees and trying to sell them.

So Ky, we’re no sock professionals here, but we think it might be best for you to stick to lip kits because, truly, they’re great.

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