Coming clean. Lauren Conrad apologized to her former high school enemy, Kristin Cavallari, for calling her a “slut” on Laguna Beach.

While making a guest appearance on the Tuesday, November 8, episode of Kristin and Stephen Colletti’s “Back to the Beach” podcast, Lauren, 36, reflected on calling Kristin, 35, the nasty name during a cast trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“My biggest regret, watching it, [was] I called you a slut,” Lauren told the Very Cavallari alum. “I’m so sorry.”

The Little Market cofounder continued, “I couldn’t believe I did that. Because I think where I’m at now I would never call another woman that. And it was, for me, like the most embarrassing moment. I was like, ‘Oh, gross.'”

Kristin said she wasn’t holding a grudge and admitted to saying “some really dumb stuff” during their time on Laguna Beach, which ran from 2004 to 2006.

Lauren Conrad Apologizes to Kristin Cavallari for Calling Her a ‘Slut’ on ‘Laguna Beach’: ‘Biggest Regret'
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“I look back and that’s like my biggest thing,” the MTV alum said. “When I watch it now, I wasn’t confident at all. I was actually so insecure.”

Kristin then told Lauren, “I took it out [my insecurities] on you in a lot of ways. And so, I am sorry for that because I said some horrible things.”

Stephen, who was in a love triangle with Lauren and Kristin that contributed to their feud in high school, then weighed in. “The thing with the show, the moments where some of those lines that we pop off, and whether we’re trying to get a laugh from our friend, it just all those insecurities, that’s what they’re looking for,” the One Tree Hill alum, 36, said. “And that’s what they’re gonna use.”

He then told Lauren he felt bad she was thrown into his on-off relationship with Kristin during their time on the show. “I’m sorry that you got thrown into our little hurricane of a relationship,” Stephen said.

However, Lauren insisted it wasn’t his fault. “I don’t think this is you,” she said. “I don’t think you need to feel bad.”

Similar to Lauren, Kristin admitted she would have handled their disagreements differently if she could go back in time. “I probably would have directed a little bit more towards [Stephen], instead of you,” the Uncommon James founder told her high school enemy.

“You did. It just wasn’t on camera,” Stephen chimed in.

During an August episode of the podcast, Stephen shared his thoughts on the way producers edited the show to contort their love triangle. After noting that he and Kristin broke up and got back together several times in high school, he said producers took advantage of the knowledge that he was good friends with Lauren and they would occasionally hook up.

“Obviously, stuff happened at certain times,” he told Kristin about his relationship with Lauren. “But at no point ever whenever we were together, you know, would I step out on you in that way. And they really paint [it like] that’s what I’m doing throughout the show — which I have a huge problem with.”

He then complimented “the genius of [the show’s] editing” in terms of the love triangle. Stephen said, “You have to hand it to them, they really crafted this storyline in a way that I think that’s what made audiences really engaged.”