ICYMI, Mama June's Teen Daughter Lauryn Shannon Is a Mom Now and Her Baby Is Precious!

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We still can't believe that Pumpkin is a mommy! Mama June's second-youngest daughter Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon just gave birth to her first child — a baby girl named Ella Grace — with her fiancé Josh Efird last month, and she seems to be adjusting well to her new role as a mom. The Mama June: From Not to Hot star has been sharing regular updates about her daughter on social media and we can't get over just how cute Lauryn's baby looks in all of her pictures!

Lauryn can't help but post photos of her baby girl on Insta — from the sweet family pic she took with Ella and Josh on their first Christmas as a family-of-three to the adorable picture she took of baby Ella celebrating her one month birthday. But she couldn't help but gush over her baby in the caption of the photo where Ella was caught in an adorable mid-yawn.

"Thank you for coming into my life and turning my life a full 180. I never knew my heart could love someone so much," the 18-year-old wrote. "You’ve become my world and I love nothing more than waking up knowing you are my daughter. I’ll always love you even when you don’t love me. Always stay precious, baby girl. Mommy loves you."

Understandably, Lauryn's mother Mama June was very upset when she found out that her daughter had gotten pregnant at only 17 years old — especially because she knows how hard it is to be a teen mom since she had her first child when she was only 15 — but that didn't stop Mama June from being supportive. She even gave her daughter's fiancé a stern talking to and made sure Josh was prepared to step up to be a father at such a young age.

But it looks like Mama June didn't have much to worry about because Lauryn and Josh are still together and it seems like Josh is a very hands-on parent! Lauryn shared an emotional tribute to her baby daddy and gushed over how great of a father he is for their daughter.

"Me and Josh have been together almost [three] years and just a month ago we welcomed a precious little girl into our lives," Lauryn wrote. "I want to thank Josh for being not only a wonderful man to me but an amazing father to our little girl. Josh, I cannot [thank] you enough for everything you do for us and our little family. I love the way you not only go out of your way to take care of me but take care of Ella as well. You’ve really grown into a wonderful man and for that I thank you. The way you look at our daughter melts my heart. I love both of you with every ounce of love my body holds."

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