Talk about a dynamic duo. Limitless CEO Jas Mathur has acquired Bodycor’s health and wellness brand and platform of products from his friend and high power celebrity fitness trainer TJ Hoban. This deal will bring Bodycor’s health and wellness products to a much broader audience.

With their years of experience in the wellness industry, Mathur and Hoban’s new deal brings together two of the most powerful, goal-oriented minds to help change people’s lives and attitudes toward getting healthy.

Hoban has an already-impressive résumé, having collaborated with major Hollywood stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Suzanne Somers on their own fitness products. The Chicago native has also shared his best workout secrets as a correspondent for Extra, appeared on more than 100 national fitness magazine covers and was recently dubbed Men’s Health‘s No. 1 Fit Model of All Time.

limitless ceo jas mathur tj hoban join forces iwth bodycor deal
Limitless Performance

Mathur started his first business at age 11 and has since used his own 250-pound weight loss to inspire thousands of followers to eat healthier and incorporate a fitness routine into their lives. His Limitless brand combines Mathur’s passion for helping others with his love for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Canadian business owner is confident that his acquisition of Bodycor will continue to spread his mantra around the globe and inspire everyday gym-goers to “Think Limitless, Live Limitless, Be Limitless.”

According to Hoban, the partnership was a perfect fit. “I created Bodycor as a premier brand of all natural products that athletes can rely upon. We fuel peak performance and personal greatness,” he said. “Working with Jas has been incredible. His work ethic in and out of the gym embodies the pursuit of personal greatness. His transformation is inspiring, and his massive push in the nutrition industry is phenomenal. I couldn’t be more excited for Bodycor to now be part of the Limitless X house of brands. Together we will help everyone raise their game to achieve personal greatness.”

Bodycor supplements are all-natural and were created for the people who need them most: fitness enthusiasts and athletes. With only the most cutting-edge formulas and highest quality ingredients, there are no unhealthy additives in their line of products. Whether you reach for their delicious tasting pre-workout mix or Laser fat-burning blend, incorporating Bodycor into your daily routine will leave you feeling more vibrant and fit than ever.

Bodycor products will be available at later this month.