There’s really no better way to fulfill your partner’s sexual fantasies than throwing on a red-headed wig — well, at least that’s what Married at First Sight star Molly Duff thinks. In an exclusive new clip from the show, Molly totally changes her look hoping it will help heat things up in the bedroom with her husband, Jon Francetic. Watch the video above and check out Jon’s reaction when Molly surprises him with her new ‘do.

While the pair has yet to sleep together, Jon admits this could be the night. However, this isn’t the first time the couple’s lack of intimacy has been a running theme on the show. Before their honeymoon, Jon said to Molly, “Look what my boys got us! A ball gag.” But she wanted no part of it.

mas 1

Even though she might be trying a bit harder to be more romantic with Jon now, he still talks about being “a little offended” — in another clip for tonight’s new episode — after Molly mentions the instant chemistry she had with other guys in her past.

He says, “She’s already told me about the time she walked into a random frat guy in a bar and asked him to have a threesome and she didn’t even know him,” he shares. “At some point when you look at me and go, ‘Yeah, you’re attractive’ but I went and f–ked this Pike with my friend and I won’t touch you and you sleep next to me, how do you think that makes me feel?”

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But bringing up Molly’s college days didn’t exactly sit well and she fires back, “How f–king dare you! Go f–k yourself. Don’t try to do that. I’m sorry I’ve had partners in my past and people I thought were attractive. What the f–k? So have you. The fact that you went there? I’m so f–king done.” Yikes…

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