We never see them on our TV and movie screens anymore, so how on Earth did Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen build up an estimated net worth of $400 million in just three decades? Turns out, they’re savvy businesswomen, and they have been for over 10 years.

Sure, we all know the twins from Full House and their plethora of straight-to-VHS movie roles, but the 31-year-olds are also producers, authors, and fashion designers. Now that they’re basically retired from acting, the duo has been focusing their attention on behind-the-scenes jobs.

In fact, their most acclaimed work to date seems to stem from their careers in fashion: They won the Council of Fashion Designers of America award for Womenswear Designer of the Year in 2012 and 2015, and snagged the council’s Accessories Designer of the Year prize in 2014. “The Olsen twins are two of the richest women in entertainment even though they have not had major roles for more than 20 years,” Celebrity Net Worth observes.

Of course, it took the Olsens longer than a New York Minute to build their empire. Scroll down to see their various business ventures (or should we say, check out Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action below?)

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As stars of Full House — the ABC sitcom on which they shared the role of Michelle Tanner — the twins started off earning $2,400 per episode. By the end of the series, that amount spiked to $80,000 per episode, according to The Washington Post.

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In the early 1990s, the twins founded Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC, which produced vehicles for them — including big screen and direct-to-video movies (e.g. It Takes Two, Holiday in the Sun, New York Minute), musical video series (e.g. The Adventures of Mary-Kate & Ashley), and the TV series Two of a Kind, So Little Time, and Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action!

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These pint-sized stars also licensed out their names and images for a slew of official Olsen Twins products: board games, dolls, cosmetics, furniture, party supplies, you name it. There was even a Mary-Kate and Ashley toothpaste!

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In the early aughts, the budding entrepreneurs launched their first clothing line. Released through Walmart, it was aptly titled Mary-Kate and Ashley and billed as “Real fashion for real girls.”

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Later on, the pair debuted The Row, a couture fashion brand. (Think of it as “Real fashion for real women,” perhaps.)

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The twins named their next clothing line after their younger siblings, and Elizabeth and James has since become a lifestyle brand. “Elizabeth and James gives women the opportunity to define their own style, embodying an effortless approach to dressing with a playful and feminine sensibility,” the website reads.

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Those aren’t the Olsen twins’ only clothing lines, though. They’ve also released garments through department store JCPenney, now-defunct website Stylemint, and Scandinavian retailer Bik Bok.

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Did you know the former child stars are also published authors? Between 2005’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Style, 2006’s Mary-Kate and Ashley Beauty Secrets, 2008’s Influence, and other titles, you might just see the ladies represented at your local bookstore.

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Of course, Full House and their Dualstar movies aren’t the only times these two have appeared on camera. Mary-Kate had a recurring arc on Weeds _ in 2007 and appeared in the movie _Beastly (pictured here) in 2011, while Ashley had an uncredited role in the mockumentary I’m Still Here in 2010.