Here comes the bride! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are just hours away from tying the knot, however, her trip down the aisle is going to be anything but traditional. It’s already been confirmed that the future princess will be accompanied by Prince Charles instead of her own father, Thomas Markle. But that’s not the only way she’ll be breaking royal custom that has been set in place for years.

CNN reported that the former Suits actress will actually walk most of the aisle on her own at St. George’s Chapel. Not only is the publication calling the move “a striking feminist statement,” but also “an unprecedented” way for a royal bride to begin her journey into marriage.

meghan markle pics

“[Meghan] will walk unescorted down the aisle of the chapel nave, after being met at the West Door by a member of the clergy,” the publication learned. “She will be accompanied in this first part of the wedding procession only by her bridesmaids and page boys.” It is only when Meghan reaches the section of the chapel where the “main royal guests” are seated, that Prince Charles will join her the rest of the way to the altar.

The fact that Meghan will reportedly walk solo reportedly sets the tone that she is a strong woman who is ready to not only take on, but also challenge royal cutoms and norms. No other bride in royal history has done this and Meghan reportedly came up with this idea herself.

meghan markle pics

This breaking of tradition came after her father had to undergo heart surgery just days ago in the US and wouldn’t be able to make the ceremony, which Meghan was reportedly upset about. Despite the family drama and the intense pressure that comes with marrying into the royal family, Meghan is fully ready to start this new life with everyone’s eyes on her — and only her. To that, all we can say is, you go, girl!

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