Milo Ventimiglia Proves He's the Nicest Guy in Hollywood by Trading His Car for Lunch for the Crew

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It's settled: Milo Ventimiglia is bae. Not only is he freakin' adorable and an absolutely amazing actor, but he also has the purest heart in Hollywood! This fact became indisputable on Monday, Dec. 4 when he revealed that he let This Is Us use his car on camera for free... and that all he wanted in exchange for the donation was more free food for the crew that makes the show happen behind the scenes! Swoon.

"They were looking for a Camaro and I was like, 'You can’t put Jack Pearson in a Camaro,’" he explained to Access Hollywood's Morales and Kit Hoover. "I say, ‘Well, I have a Chevelle.' And then the transportation guys were like, 'You know, Milo, your car looks really nice and it’s period correct?' I said, 'Yeah, it’s period correct.'"

Now that the props coordinators were hooked on the idea of using his classic vehicle, he saw an opportunity to do something nice, and he took it! "You want to use my car?" he asked. "Okay, well you can use my car no problem, but whatever you’re going to pay me for it goes back to coffee trucks and burger trucks for the crew." What a sweetie pie!

Milo's good nature seems to line up perfectly with the charmingly kind Jack Pearson on This is Us, but he admits that it's not as easy as it looks to fall into the beloved role. "It's hard to live up to Jack," he told E! News. "Everyone assumes that I am Jack. I thought Mr. Cunningham [of Happy Days] was America's dad, and I'm not even a father, you know. I guess the words that I'm so fortunate to speak and the character that I get to embody, I'm very grateful." His gratutude just further proves how wonderful he is. Never change, Milo!

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