The Versatile And Sustainable Children’s Clothing Option

Our children are the future. Part of investing in that future means giving back to the earth—and that starts with sustainable fashion.

Mon Coeur is the first children’s clothing company that’s getting it right. Their sustainable clothing is stylish, playful, and comfortable for any child ages three months to nine years old. Better yet, Mon Coeur is dedicated to making children’s clothing that lasts, so that the planet does too.

It’s not often you find a company that makes vibrant and stylish clothing that is also environmentally friendly. Playful and comfortable clothing for children that gives back to the planet is the way to go.

Made with love and reclaimed organic cotton, Mon Coeur creates clothing from earth-loving material in the most earth-loving way possible. 

Mon Coeur clothing is made for a brighter future, down to every last fiber—for each animal, ocean, forest, and child.

Mon Coeur
Courtesy of Mon Coeur

Mon Coeur Is Challenging Fast Fashion Norms Within the Children’s Clothing Market

Mon Coeur’s name, a phrase that translates to “my heart” in French, gives a telling glimpse into this company’s attitude towards children and the earth. If parents want a brighter future for their children, protecting the earth by choosing sustainable clothing is an incredible start!

Why do we need sustainable clothing? Well, in the U.S. alone, over 85% of textiles are simply thrown away, contributing to massive landfill waste. That means that nearly thirteen tons of clothing go to waste each year. Fast fashion practices only encourage people to throw away clothing more frequently, as everyone looks to have the latest and greatest designs, even if they’ll only be wearing that shirt or those shoes for one season. It’s time for a change. 

With clothing designs that are responsibly sourced and made to last, you can avoid contributing to all that fast fashion waste. Your child is sure to love these clothes, so instead of begging for a new top, they’ll be thrilled to wear their familiar favorite, and you can feel secure that their t-shirt isn’t going to fall apart on you. If you’re looking to move away from fast fashion, there’s no better time or place to start — and Mon Coeur’s commitment to the planet doesn’t end there. 

Mon Coeur hopes to keep the earth that much cleaner, so they’re challenging fast fashion norms within the children’s clothing market. They source their fabric from Europe and produce their clothing in Portugal. These locations were specifically chosen to cut down on travel emissions because they’re working on including sustainability in all aspects of production. 

Beyond their choice of material, Mon Coeur pays great attention to how and by whom their clothes are made—every employee working on the collection earns above minimum wage while being treated with respect and professionalism. 

Start building your child’s wardrobe with clothing that’s sustainable on all accounts—from the health of Planet Earth to the well-being of its people.

Be Proud To Dress Your Children In This Clothing, Because It’s Made From Recycled Materials

Each piece from Mon Coeur also uses the latest ecological innovations in clothing production and design. This childrenswear is made of 100% post-industrial recycled cotton, upcycled plastic bottles, and recycled elastane — and that’s everything from the fabrics and the labels to the zippers and the buttons.  

Mon Coeur zippers are made from recycled yarns and upcycled plastic bottles, and the buttons are made from recycled paper. They pay attention to the little details, so you can be proud to choose Mon Coeur clothing for your child without worrying about your environmental impact. 

Their cotton is recycled, too. It’s used to create beautifully soft, comfortable clothing that your children will love. With Mon Coeur, you don’t have to give anything up to be more sustainable, because the quality of their clothing is out of this world. 

Mon Coeur is designed with a purpose in mind—to keep our planet healthy—and they follow through every step of the way. 

This Trendy T-Shirt Made From Recycled Plastic Gives Back To The Planet—And Your Child Will Love It!

It’s so important to teach children how to give back to the planet. By dressing your child in Mon Coeur, you’re teaching them about sustainability every day when they get ready in the morning! 

Every time you put your little one in a Mon Coeur design, you can explain why it’s important to make environmentally conscious choices. This can be as simple as explaining why their shirt has a cute, earth-friendly slogan on the front. The Earth Kid T-Shirt is made from recycled cotton and recycled polyester with woven labels created using plastic bottles. It’s classic, adorable, and soft to the touch—and your child is going to love it. 

See the difference that sustainability can make for your child’s clothing with this T-shirt!

Mon Coeur’s Versatile Clothing Is Where Fashion Meets Function

The magic of recycling doesn’t stop at trendy, classic T-shirts. Mon Coeur has an entire lookbook of adorable, sustainable, and versatile children’s clothing on their site. 

Mon Coeur focuses on basic pieces because they understand how important it is for your child to get dressed quickly and easily—without sacrificing style in the process! Through Mon Coeur’s classic-cut dresses, comfortable shorts, and well-fitting hoodies, you can create a wardrobe for your child that’s filled with mix-and-match staples they’ll love.

With the perfect mixture of bright, kid-friendly colors and neutrals in Mon Coeur’s product line, you’ll always find something that your child will love. Their lookbook also features sweet, subtle embellishments like bunnies, flowers, and bees, and slogans including “Hop to it to save the planet” and “Earth Kid.” Your kids will love Mon Coeur’s stylish designs, and you’ll love the earth-friendly values that you’re instilling in them. 

For example, the Bee Dress is a sweet design made from upcycled organic cotton and recycled polyester. This long-lasting dress helps the earth by keeping clothing out of landfills while thrilling your little one with its bouncing bumblebee embellishment.

Plus, the majority of Mon Coeur’s designs can be gender-neutral. This means if you’re waiting to learn the gender of your baby, you can still prepare for their arrival by purchasing Mon Coeur’s adorable, sustainable clothing. Because these clothes are built to last, you can save them for your next child once your little one starts growing, or pass them along to a friend or relative. Mon Coeur’s clothing is meant to last a lifetime, so you can help reduce unnecessary garment waste.

Mon Coeur is the only children’s sustainable clothing solution that makes your children look adorable and teaches them how to give back to the planet.

Mon Coeur and 1% For The Planet Have Teamed Up To Take Even More Sustainable Measures

Mon Coeur’s mission is to make sustainable clothing, but they realize that they can do more. So they are! That’s why they’re giving back to Plant Earth by partnering with institutes that are leading the movement towards a zero-waste future. 

Find sustainable children’s clothing that you love here. 

By donating 1% of their proceeds to charity through their partnership with 1% For The Planet, Mon Coeur supports tree planting and ocean and onshore cleanups to help individuals, communities, and the earth we’re constantly struggling to keep clean. 

People can’t always see the effects of their clothing on the planet, but communities that live near landfills experience this reality every day. Mon Coeur is ready to take every sustainable measure possible in their children’s clothing production to create a better life for children now and children down the road. Plus, they’re spreading awareness of the problems with clothing waste out there, which is just as important. 

Everyone needs to take part in contributing to a more sustainable future—starting with dressing children in recycled and fashionable clothing from Mon Coeur. 

Mon Coeur
Courtesy of Mon Coeur

Mon Coeur Is On A Mission To Create Clothing With A Purpose—Making Their Positive Mark On The Planet

From cozy sweatpants and adorable t-shirts to sundresses and rainy day hoodies, Mon Coeur makes sustainable clothing that’s perfect for children. These designs are affordable, fashionable, and helping pave the way for the future of sustainable children’s clothing—meaning your kids will love them, and so will you! 

With Mon Coeur, your children can not only wear recycled clothing but also learn that sustainable clothing can help keep Planet Earth safe. These clothes are long-lasting and cute, supporting your child’s self-expression and the long-term health of our environment. 

Goodbye, fast fashion, and hello durable, conscious clothing that is here to stay—and stay for a long time!