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Did Nicki Minaj Ever Get Plastic Surgery? See Photos of Her Transformation Before and After! 

There are no butts about it — Nicki Minajs backside has seemingly grown right before our eyes! Naturally, fans of the “Princess Diana” artist have wondered whether her booty is all hers or if she had injections to enhance her physique. Not only that, but others have even speculated whether she underwent other forms of plastic surgery, such as a nose job. 

In April 2018, Nicki faced a round of criticism from fans, one of which accused her of having a fake body shape in a tweet.

“Isn’t your body fake?’” the Twitter user wrote, to which Nicki clapped back, “[You] can’t even show your whole face. Must suck to be so jealous, miserable, insecure [and] ugly.”

Five years later, the Grammy winner showed off the results of a breast reduction in a June 2023 Instagram post promoting her song “Barbie World” for the Barbie movie. Nicki wore a white tank top, revealing her smaller chest and noted in the caption, “New boobs who dis?”

The rapper had previously shared during a May 2022 Instagram Live that she was considering the procedure, telling fans, “I’m not gonna lie, somebody did tell me to get my boobs taken off, like a female in the industry. And I was like, ‘No, no, not yet, not yet.’ And yeah, she was right. I should’ve hurried up and took them off.”

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of Nicki’s stunning transformation!