Justin Timberlake Says 'NSYNC Won't Reunite at the Super Bowl, but Fans Have Spotted Other Members in MN

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What the heck is going on here?! Justin Timberlake insisted at a press conference that his fellow former 'NSYNC members will not join him on the 2018 Super Bowl field for the halftime show. However, TMZ reports that multiple fans claim to have seen the band members hanging out around Minneapolis, MN. So are they or aren't they!?

Joey Fatone basically crushed 90's kids' dreams on Jan. 23 when he assured fans that there was no reunion... at least, not including him! At the time he said “I’m here [in LA] right now. If I was doing something, I’d be at rehearsals right now… so obviously, there’s your proof. Nothing. And there’s nothing wrong with that. He’s doing his thing." However, his publicist confirmed on Feb. 2, just three days before the big game, that he is in Minneapolis. However, he says he's only there to do appearances at Super Bowl events. Hmm...

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Joey also didn't think Justin would bring his controversial co-star Janet Jackson back on stage after accidentally stripping her during their 2004 performance. “He’s not that kind of person," says Joey. "He’s not controversial like that. He is in a sense, but he’s not in a sense to do it deliberately.”

Meanwhile, fellow boybander Lance Bass told Life & Style that he is would be more than happy to make a cameo if Justin asked — even if just for one song. “It would be very cool,” Lance, 38, insisted. “Of course I’m open to it.” And if Justin comes calling, the rest of the group would happily join him. “I’m sure!” he added. “We would do anything for Justin.”

Lance said he’d also be happy to see Justin, 36, fly solo, since JT’s last Super Bowl appearance was marred by the infamous wardrobe malfunction. “[He] got upstaged,” Lance noted, “by a nipple!”

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