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We’re Bringing Michelle Back to ‘Fuller House’ Because It’s What the People Want

Ever since the Olsen twins decided they weren't going to make a triumphant return to acting on Fuller House, fans have been pretty bummed. Like, seriously bummed. And every time someone like John Stamos teases the idea that hey, they just might come back after all, and then they don't, it breaks our hearts all over again. Honestly, we just don't know how much more we can take. Because here's the thing: Michelle was kind of the breakout star of Full House. Sure, Stephanie had her own snappy catchphrases, and Stamos and Bob Saget were already huge stars — but nobody's career blew up thanks to the show quite like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's.

After starring in the sitcom, the twins went on to release a bunch of their own movies, star in twin TV shows, even launch a fashion line for Walmart. They basically started an empire, and that's before they ever launched their fashion label called The Row or their incredible Elizabeth & James collection. They straight up wrote the book on fashion (it's called Influence) and were named Womenswear Designers of the Year not once, but twice. And all that came from landing the shared role of a tiny, adorable baby without any lines. This is all to say that we get that they're busy, and you can't call it a comeback when somebody left, but we're missing the Olsens on our screens.

Since we're never going to get the real-life miracle that would be Michelle actually returning to Fuller House, though, we decided to work a little magic of our own — Photoshop magic, that is. We went back through three seasons of Fuller House to set things right, find some of our favorite moments, and put the Mary-Kate and Ashley back in the picture. Check it out in the gallery below.