Oh no. Pregnant Bachelor in Paradise star Carly Waddell fell while going up the stairs and was rushed to urgent care. The only damage she had after taking the tumble was a broken pinky, and she has a massive cast to show for it. Luckily, all is well with the baby but it definitely wasn’t an ideal way to spend her afternoon.

“Sitting in urgent care because I … am pretty sure I broke my finger,” the 33-year-old divulged on her Instagram Story on Monday, July 8. Although she had a good sense of humor about things, she was a bit concerned about her growing bump. “The really good news about this is that my pinky broke my fall. I didn’t fall on my stomach so that’s really good because I can still feel the baby moving, so phew.”

The reality starlet then showed her swollen hand and demonstrated how she could barely move her appendage. “I don’t know why this is funny,” she giggled. “It’s not funny. I’ve never broken anything.”

Carly Waddell broken finger
Courtesy of Carly Waddell Instagram

She confirmed that her finger was indeed broken by showing off a large blue cast. “Everyone is asking me why I have a giant cast when I just broke my pinky. I don’t have an answer to that. This is just how I am. This is what the doctor did,” the Bachelor Nation babe later said about her seemingly excessive brace.

She also divulged that the doctor recommended for her to have surgery to put pins in her pinky. The singer decided to hold off because she doesn’t want to add any unneeded risk to her pregnancy. “I’m always going to have a pinky that looks a little funny,” Carly said.

Carly Waddell baby Bella Photo
Courtesy of Carly Waddell Instagra

Unfortunately, her husband, Evan Bass, is in Connecticut this week so Carly is at home with a broken finger and their 17-month-old daughter, Bella. Um, good luck, girl!

We’re glad she’s OK after such a scary accident.