It seems like Jaime King will have plenty of time to take care of her second child due later this year — as her television show, Hart of Dixie, has officially been canceled.

The show’s creator, Leila Gerstein, hinted that the program wouldn’t be returning for a fifth season earlier this month, and now the 35-year-old actress has confirmed the sad news.

But the blonde beauty has more important things to focus on, anyway. Just days ago, she shared (and later deleted) revealing underwear photos that showed off her growing baby bump.

“My body. My growing baby, open for comments. Plain as day,” she captioned the picture that she’s since deleted. “I, like every other woman, bracing for your judgments. This is who I am. And I love me in every flaw and curve or flat or thin area. And I love you as well in every form that your body takes.”

jamie king

Jaime is also mother to 16-month-old, James Knight.