Prince Harry Reveals He Doesn't Have "Many Childhood Memories" of Mom Princess Diana

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Prince Harry just made a heartbreaking confession about his late mother, Princess Diana.

"I don't have that many memories of my childhood with my Mum," the royal, 31, said in a revealing new interview with [People](http://www.people.com/people/package/article/0,,2039522221004170,00.html)_.

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Harry was just 12-years-old when Diana tragically died at age 36 in an August 1997 car accident.

Harry and Diana in July 1986. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

"When she died, there was a gaping hole, not just for [my family] but also for a huge amount of people across the world," he continued. "If I can try and fill a very small part of that, then job done. I will have to, in a good way, spend the rest of my life trying to fill that void as much as possible. And so will [my older brother], Prince William."

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"All I want to do is make my mother incredibly proud," Harry added. "That's all I've ever wanted to do."