If your mother-in-law likes you, you know you’re in the club! The brand new Mrs. Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, is now officially part of that club, because her new mother-in-law, Denise Jonas, left her just about the SWEETEST post-wedding message on social media recently. Trust me, if your mother-in-law is anything like Nick’s cute mama, you’re gonna have a great time in your new fam!

On Dec. 7, Nick’s mom Denise posted a seriously adorable wedding tribute to Nick and Pri’s recent exchange of vows on her Instagram. But it’s less about her son, and more about the daughter she’s gained in the process. “Welcome Mrs. Jonas!! My heart overflows with joy [and] love for the [two] of you. God only has the best ahead of you. A lifetime of love, a journey of togetherness. I love you, Mom,” she wrote to the newest addition to the Jonas family. Gimme a sec, let me wipe a tear! Like wow –– Mama Jonas is really feeling the love.

Mama Jonas’ post comes right after Priyanka made a little post-wedding Insta move of her own. After their four-month engagement, seriously enviable wedding prep, and a whirlwind three-day-long ceremony in India, Pri celebrated becoming a Jonas by proudly displaying it on her Insta profile. Her new name on the social platform is now “Priyanka Chopra Jonas.” Ugh, it’s bad enough to be jealous of her marrying a JoBro –– now we gotta be jealous of how good her name sounds too? Pri, you’re killing us here.

We really love how much the way the Jonas family has been embracing Priyanka as a part of their incredibly loving family. We bet Nick is super proud of his crew for all the love they’ve been showing. If only there was another JoBro for us to seduce and make our own way into the fam…  oh, wait. Look out, Bonus Jonas. We’re coming for ya. You’re our only hope!