On her first one-on-one date with early favorite Bryan Abasolo, The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay's sister stole the spotlight accidentally.

Once again, Rachel found the Miami-based chiropractor too good to be true and blamed her insecurities on her older sibling Constance Cherones.

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"Growing up, I told you I'm like the boy of my sisters, and I have an older sister who everybody just loved. You know, like, she was the pretty one, I was the cool one," she said. "So, I don't know how to take a compliment. I don't believe good things when they happen to me when it comes to men. That's where that comes from. That's, like, where my, I guess, insecurities come in because of how I grew up."

While we find it hard to believe Rachel, 31, ever had an awkward phase, Bachelor Nation did get a look at Rachel's "pretty" sister during her hometown date with Nick Viall last season.

"I am happy Rachel is going through this," Constance said on the reality dating competition. "It's been awhile since we've seen her happy in a relationship. Of course, I still have my doubts because she is competing with three other women."

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She then went on to grill the former Bachelor about interracial dating.

"I like the fact that Nick says like, 'I don't see color, I seel Rachel,' but at the same time, as nice as that sounds, right now with this climate we're in, I feel like you see more racism come out and so he does need to be aware," she explained. "It's not something you can just hide and ignore and you can live in your own bubble. And you have to know how you're going to navigate that path in a relationship."

It looks like Constance is pretty — and protective!


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