Someone’s Twitter fingers need a timeout. Bachelor star Raven Gates is being slammed by fans after posting what many deemed a “disgusting” and “tone-deaf” tweet on the social media platform. It started off innocently enough when Raven began by recounting her cousin’s struggles in the dating world.

However, when she seemingly made fun of a physical disability, her followers were less than amused. “My 20yr old cuz just told me some HORRID dating stories… 1st one starts with a 40yr old with multiple sclerosis who hit on her at a funeral,” she wrote. (Insert cricket noises here.)

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It wasn’t long before the 26-year-old reality star deleted the tweet, but a redditor was able to screenshot it and share with other displeased fans. “Not to be dense, but what does him having MS have to do with it being ‘horrid’ that he hit on her cousin? The age and funeral parts are fair, but is it somehow gross to her for people with chronic illnesses to flirt?” one follower asked before another added, “This is horrible. I can’t believe she even thought this tweet was appropriate in the first place.”

One disabled fan even suggested she be banned from returning to the reality dating franchise. “Oh my god as a disabled person I am obviously familiar with this stuff but this is just horrific and has made me feel a little sick. If all those male actors are taken off projects for sexual harassment she should be banned from any further TV work with The Bachelor,” the commenter explained.

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Raven has yet to issue an apology, but this is not the first Twitter faux pas she has had this year. And yes, we’re talking about 2018. Earlier this week, she made a dig at former Bachelor Nick Viall, which also received mixed reactions. “Adam [Gottschalk] just said ‘Nick Viall wouldn’t do the s–t I do for you. Going on The Bachelorette won’t find u another me either.’ Lmaooo #facts,” she tweeted. Again, followers let her know how they felt, with one writing, “Lol, girl he made you famous. Get over yourself, okuuur,” and another saying, “Idk… it’s rude, sure. But it seems pointless to tweet a random comment that Adam made. I just don’t get what she was trying to achieve here.”

Sigh. Let’s hope Raven has learned her lesson. If you want to keep up with all the latest Bachelor news, be sure to follow our Bachelor Facebook group!