The Canadian wrestler killed his wife and 7-year-old son at their Georgia home before hanging himself in a scene that shocked the world and left friends and fans asking why. Benoit’s trainer, Les Thatcher, is among them. “There’s only three people that actually know what happened that weekend and they’re gone.”

REELZ profiles the WWE champ’s murder-suicide this Sunday on Autopsy: The Last Hours of … Chris Benoit, set to air on Sunday, March 15th 8 ET / PT.

When he died, Chris Benoit was one of the premier athletes in the WWE. The World Champion, known to fans as “The Canadian Crippler,” was one of the best technical wrestlers of his generation and, at 40, was still drawing huge audiences—in spite of fears his career was spiraling downward. As the full extent of Benoit’s horrific acts emerge, investigators still search for motives, including Autopsy’s lead investigator, Dr. Michael Hunter who adds “Chris Benoit had a history of using steroids along with prescription painkillers and anti-anxiety medications.”

What really caused “The Canadian Crippler” kill his family and himself?  Tune in to Autopsy: The Last Hours of … Chris Benoit, Sunday, March 15th at 8 ET / PT on REELZ for all the details!

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Reporting by Tyler F. Paddor