Longtime Siesta Key star Chloe Trautman said “I do” to husband Chris Long in a gorgeous February wedding ceremony. Now, the lovebirds are navigating married life together.

“There were definitely some hardships in our relationship that we had to work through, and then planning a wedding could be a little stressful and like six weeks out from the wedding, it was rough,” Chloe, 26, tells Life & Style in an exclusive video interview. “It was like a solid week of major tension, but I think it’s in those defining moments of how you treat each other, how you talk to each other, how you work through it or how you give each other space — whatever the person needs — shows you what life is going to be like forever.”

Of course, Chloe and Chris, who got engaged in November 2021, made it to the altar! “Our favorite thing we did our whole wedding weekend was any couple we met and however long they had been married, we asked them what their secret was,” the MTV personality recalls.

“Almost nine times out of 10, people would say, ‘There’s going to be ups and downs and it’s about staying in love and not hitting below the belt ever, and just always having respect for one another,'” Chloe adds. “I’ve already seen that in our relationship there’s ups and there’s downs, but it’s the respect and love that we have for one another that is undeniable.”

In addition to married life, there was a learning curve when it came to filming Siesta Key together. For most of her time on the series, Chloe was single or kept her love life private.

Siesta Key’s Chloe Details ‘Hardships’ With Husband Chris Ahead of Their Wedding: ‘It Was Rough'
Courtesy of Chloe Long/Instagram

“Having someone film with me is so different. One, I had to check myself a little bit more than normal because it’s like, this is the guy I’m dating. I want to make sure I don’t scare him away in the beginning, which I did, but he didn’t run away, which was a good thing,” she admits.

“It’s just fun to have the person I love more than anything film with me and do this thing I’ve been doing for five years now,” Chloe gushes. “Married life is good. I don’t know if it will eventually feel different, but it doesn’t feel that different. I mean, when he calls me his wife or I get to say my husband, that is a little wild, but other than that, nothing’s really changed.”

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