Age is just a number to Scott Disick, 34, and girlfriend Sofia Richie, 19. But that number is costing Scott a lot of cash, sources say. He gets paid tens of thousands of dollars to make appearances at 21-and-over clubs, but lately, he’s been canceling gigs if underage Sofia can’t join him.

“He used to come to Las Vegas at least once a month and make six figures,” a source says, “but he stopped because Sofia can’t be in the clubs with him.” He’s losing money, “but that’s not his priority right now,” the source notes. “His priority is dating her.”

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Sure, for now, Scott is fine with losing money but how long will that last? Let’s not forget that the reality star has branded himself a “Lord” so we doubt that he’s going to be able to part with his lavish lifestyle. And considering he gets most of his money from club appearances — is this relationship actually sustainable? We already know the Kardashians don’t think so.

“He’s convinced Kourtney is jealous that she’s been replaced by a hot, younger model, who also comes from a famous family,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “Kourtney also secretly feels betrayed by Sofia, as she’s known the Kardashians for years and yet still pursued Scott. Kourt feels like Sofia has stabbed her in the back.”

But, hey, if Scott ever gets desperate he could always write a tell-all — we’re sure he has enough juicy gossip on the famous family! “Scott’s threatened to write a tell-all book before, but Kourtney has always talked him out of it,” another source explained. “Now that he’s not as involved with her or the family, a huge payday from a publisher sounds better than ever.” We’d read that book!

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