Another day, another weird Instagram beauty trend. These days, makeup influencers on social media are partaking in a new fad that people are calling “squiggle eyebrows.” And, yup it’s just as bizarre as it sounds!

As if doing your eyebrows wasn’t hard enough, according to Allure, this wavy look can be achieved by putting Elmer’s glue on your brows to get the hairs to go in one direction. We know, putting glue right by your eyeball doesn’t sound all that great, but apparently, it’s pretty safe since the glue washes off completely. (Not saying we recommend it…)

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Needless to say, Twitter is having a field day offering their commentary on the off-putting new trend. “Can we NOT do this?” one user wrote. “I’m not confused. Don’t do this. You look like a clown on acid,” another added.

While some people are changing the shape of their whole brows, others are simply adding some flare to the end, almost like a tail. And beauty Instagrammers are getting a major response in the comments section!

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“How do you edit it like this?” a commenter asked one daring soul. Another wrote, “Are they plucked like that? The hairs look so real.”

Well, it’s clear that we live in a time when makeup artists can really have fun with whatever looks they’re going for. Do you think this trend will ever really catch on??