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Anna Faris, Lamar Odom and More Celebs Reveal How Many People They’ve Slept With

From five to 20,000! While some people may be hesitant to reveal the amount of people they’ve slept with or keep the statistic private altogether, certain celebrities have been known to be open and honest about their body count in a sex-positive way.

Take basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain for example. The late basketball Hall of Famer proudly revealed in his 1991 memoir, A View From Above, that he had slept with 20,000 women throughout his life.

Meanwhile, songstress Mariah Carey shared in 2019 that her number was a bit lower compared to “most others in the field.”

Opening up to Cosmopolitan, the singer said that she had “only been with five people in my life.”

Amy Schumer, on the other hand, revealed in her 2016 memoir, The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo, that she had slept with 28 people.

Anna Faris not only starred in a movie centered around the number of sexual partners her character had, aptly called What’s Your Number?, she also opened up in a pre-screening interview about her own body count.

“I’m at five,” Anna said at the 2011 event. “Don’t you think five is kind of low? I’m 34!”

However, statistically speaking, the number isn’t low at all!

According to the CDC, the median number of opposite-sex partners in a lifetime among “sexually experienced women and men aged 25 to 49 years of age” is 4.1 for women and 6.4 for men.

The data, which was collected from 2015 to 2017, revealed that while 12.1 percent of women had 15 or more partners, more than 28 percent of men had a body count above 15.

On top of that, a study done by the dating site Match canvassing the LGTBQ+ community found that the “typical gay man has had 30 lifetime sexual partners and lesbian women have had 12 sexual partners.”

All in all, no matter if it’s five or 5,000, a number is just a number when it comes to body count!

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