She’s bonding with her great-grandmother! Fans cannot get enough of the cute photos that Kylie Jenner shares of her adorable baby girl Stormi — and the new mom definitely is giving them what they want. She took to Instagram on Sunday, March 11 to share the latest pic of Stormi spending some quality time with Kardashian matriarch Mary Jo “MJ” Houghton and the meeting is just too cute for words!

“I mean.. does it get any better than this?” Kylie captioned the new photos, which show MJ holding her bundled up baby girl. Another pic shows a close-up of Kylie’s grandmother thumb being grabbed by the newborn. Fans were loving the sweet moment between the oldest and youngest Kardashian members. “Nope! Best moment in my life was my grandmother holding my daughter,” one follower responded before another pointed out, “This baby already has better eyebrows than me.”

Just one day earlier, Kylie shared a photo of Stormi cuddling with her best friend Jordyn Woods, which followed two videos of her “sleeping beauty” In the first, she labeled her daughter an “angel.” In the next, she proudly exclaimed, “Those cheeks!”

Since welcoming Stormi on Feb. 1, Kylie has been sharing little bits of her daughter’s life with her fans — which is a refreshing change of pace after she spent her entire pregnancy more or less in hiding — both IRL and when it came to social media. On Feb. 6, she shared her first photo while announcing her name and then shared the first pic of her face about a month later.

stormi webster snapchat

(Photo Credit: Snapchat)

Adjusting to motherhood hasn’t exactly been seamless for the reality star. In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, an insider opened up about how she was struggling with all the responsibilities that come with being a new mama. Watch the video below to see more new photos of Stormi!

“In the past, Kylie’s looked after Kim and Kourtney’s kids but could always hand them back when she got bored or had her plans,” the source explained, exclusively. “Having her own baby has been a complete shock to the system — it’s a lot of hard work.”

Kylie had initially sworn off the idea of getting any help when it came to child-rearing, but has since changed her mind and hired a full-time staff of nannies after realizing she couldn’t “cope with the stress.” The source continued, “At first, Kylie complained about changing dirty diapers. She’s fine with it now but still struggles with the sleepless nights and the baby crying and not always being able to figure out what Stormi needs.”

It’s clear that Kylie can’t get enough of being a new mom. And we can’t get enough of her baby girl! Keep the photos coming, Ky!