There’s no stopping her! Tana Mongeau is adding business executive to her list of career accomplishments after teaming up with Unruly Agency to launch a new influencer management division of the company.

The YouTube star, 22, will be heading up the Tana’s Angels Agency, or TAA for short, after joining the Unruly Agency as one of its social media personalities a few years prior.

“Throughout my career I’ve been taken advantage of more times than I can count. I am starting TAA to teach people how to not make the mistakes I made early on in my career,” she explained in a statement. “I understand more creators are born every day and we’re in a creator culture.”

The Las Vegas native revealed that her “wish” early on in her career was to be part of a “mentorship” program and to receive “a helping hand pointing me in the right direction to help me negate and build success,” which is what TAA will be focusing on for their young clients.

“Introducing TAA is a way for me to give the power back to creators,” she added.

Mongeau will use her first-hand expertise as an influencer, model and OnlyFans top earner to guide others who want to find success in the social media industry and to monetize their digital platforms.

Tara Electra, Tana Mongeau, and David Weintraub
Hunter Moreno

The self-made multi-millionaire has worked with CEO and owner of Dwe Talent Management, David Weintraub, and Unruly Agency owner, Tara Electra, to launch the new endeavor.

“Working with Tana and Tara to create this new division of Unruly is truly exciting, we see a ton of diverse talent out there that need to be catapulted to the next level and with our team we will be making those dreams come true,” Weintraub said in a statement. “I am so excited to partnering with Tana and Tara as they are both experts in so many areas of new media influencers and talent.”

The new division has already received more than 2,000 submissions from talent wanting to be a part of Mongeau’s mentorship program and receive representation by the social media marketing company.

Electra, for her part, revealed the mission of the new project as, “Giving woman back their independence. Putting power back in their hands by allowing them to have the resources they need to be successful is exactly the scope of business we intend to provide with our new TAA division at Unruly.”

Prospective clients can submit an application to the Unruly Agency by clicking here.