‘The Bachelor’ Bombshell — Nick Viall’s Women Walked Off Set!

This season of The Bachelor, Nick Viall is getting his fourth chance at love, but behind the scenes it was a total train wreck!

Sources reveal exclusively to Life & Style that the women were so disgusted by the 36-year-old suitor’s behavior, they actually walked off the set!

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“The girls just didn’t like him,” says a source. “If it was just one or two leaving, it would have
made for good TV. But it was a lot of them!”

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The reality dating competition is known for drama, but producers found themselves doing damage control as the contestants stormed off before the rose ceremony — more than once.

“Producers had to talk to the girls one-on-one,” the source reveals. “They begged them not to
walk away from a promising future. They even promised them slots on Bachelor in Paradise. They did anything they could to try to convince them to come back.”

The reason: Nick’s awful behavior.

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Along with making lewd comments at the women, the Chicago native also tried to sleep with the contestants when cameras were not rolling.

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Nick was caught staring at Danielle L.’s cleavage on the season premiere!

“Most of the women complained he was a complete pig,” the insider says. “He would say things like,
‘Wow, the things I could do to you,’ and ‘You have the nicest rack I’ve ever seen.’”

While Nick is gushing about finding love today, sources are adding that he ended the season as the most hated Bachelor in history!

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“A lot of the girls thought it was torture to sit through the rose ceremonies when they weren’t interested in Nick anyway,” says a source. “Imagine standing there and wishing that your name doesn’t get called!”

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