For fans who can't get enough of TLC's My 600-lb Life, there's a Netflix series called The Big Ward that will definitely become their newest obession! The reality series is set in New Zealand — which is the world's third-most fattest nation, according to a 2017 report — and Season 1 followed six patients who are relying on bariatric surgery in order to start their weight loss journeys.

Much like the patients that Dr. Nowaradan treated on My 600-lb Life, the stars of The Big Ward also struggle with food addiction and eat high-calorie diets full of carbohydrates and sugar. But many of them are unhappy being overweight and they desperately want to lose weight. "You're treated differently when you're overweight," one patient said in her confessional.

Dr. Richard Babor is one of the weight loss surgeons who works at the Auckland's Manukau Super Clinic featured in the series. In one episode, Dr. Babor explained the bariatric surgery process to prospective patients. The main method that he uses is stomach stapling surgery, where doctors remove 80 to 90 percent of the overweight patients' stomach. An average stomach can hold about one and a half liters (or about 50 ounces) of liquid and food, but patients who undergo the surgery will be left about 150 to 200 milliliters, which is only about five to six ounces. With a significantly smaller stomach, patients will be able to limit their food intake and lose weight.

Since Season 1 of the series was such a hit, the show has returned for Season 1 and new episodes already started airing last month on TVNZ 2 in New Zealand. Last month, Dr. Babor opened up about how the show has helped educated viewers about the dangers and struggles of obesity.

"We had a lot of really positive feedback from staff and also from patients," Dr. Richard Babor revealed to news site Stuff. "They kind of thought that it was very kind of eye-opening about the realities of bariatric surgery and how difficult it is for patients out in the real world."

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