It looks like Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are stuck with each other even though their marriage is falling apart. The troubled couple are going through an extremely difficult and very public rough patch right now — their family was visited by cops three times in one week for "domestic" issues. But even though things are getting out of hand, sources exclusively reveal to Life & Style that they're going to have to stick it out with each other because they are "too broke to divorce."

"She loves him and has always tried to keep the relationship together, but she’s at the end of her rope," the source tells Life & Style. Tori, 44, and Dean, 51, "are at each other’s throats over so many issues — everything from their dire financial situation to neither of them having a steady job to not being able to adequately support their five children."

Money issues have plagued the couple for years, and the fallout from Dean's 2014 cheating scandal certainly doesn't help matters either. All of that paired with caring for five young children — Tori shares 10-year-old son Liam, nine-year-old daughter Stella, six-year-old daughter Hattie, five-year-old son Finn, and one-year-old son Beau with Dean — could make anyone break, and fans think that the stress from everything is what caused Tori to have a nervous breakdown earlier this month.

But even if a divorce is what's best for Tori's mental health, it just might be in the cards for her right now. Family law attorney Goldie Schon (who does not represent Tori and Dean) exclusively revealed to Life & Style that fees for a celebrity divorce can start at $250,000 — including lawyers' fees, custody evaluators, and forensic accounting. "Once the fighting and litigation starts, it can go up exponentially," she explained

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