We’re all in holiday prep mode — but when it comes to beautifying, it’s a whole other level, y’all. We know Tracee Ellis Ross totally gets the struggle, considering she posted the most hilarious play-by-play video of herself getting her nose waxed on Instagram. Yeah, you read that right: This queen is truly one of us.

“Just felt like we should all see this again,” the 47-year-old captioned the vid on December 20. “It’s kind of how I feel about this Friday. Trying to get it all done before the holiday.” In the clip, the Black-ish star can be seen getting her nostrils waxed — and after the technician removed the wax, she hilariously laugh-cried into the camera.

Naturally, Diana Ross‘ daughter got a little bit of push-back in the comments section. “You know that nose hair has an actual purpose,” one follower quipped in response to the vid. Tracee is, of course, quite smart, so she was already aware.

“Yes! But when they start wrapping from one nostril to the other I get frustrated,” she responded to the user.
“But, this is not something I do [often]. Maybe every other year.” Believe it or not, she got so many fan and follower comments on this, she actually added a disclaimer to her caption after the fact.

“(This is an #FBF,” she wrote in her addition. “However, I think nose hairs are very important. I don’t do this often. But my hair sometimes start to wrap from one nostril to the other … they try to cross over and connect. I find this not OK. Haha! My nose is still filled with many other helpful hairs.)”

Needless to say, the brunette beauty is too funny for words — but she’s also no stranger to staying beautified. In fact, when she recently appeared on The Late Late Show while Harry Styles filled in for host James Corden, she spoke about her history as a model. Not only was she a runway babe back in her younger years, she also walked for the legendary Thierry Mugler.

All in all, we’re glad someone with such effortless beauty suffers a bit to get it, you know, like the rest of us. Thanks, Trace!