The Little Lady is all grown up!

When Robin Weisman was just six-years-old, she landed the role of the adorable Mary Bennington in 1990’s 3 Men and a Little Lady.

Here she is pictured in 2013:

robin weisman

It’s been nearly 25 years since the flick hit theaters, so what’s the now 30-year-old up to these days?

Robin — who retired from acting in 1994 — graduated from the University of Florida and works in marketing. The Little Lady is also a wifey, as she tied the knot in December 2008.

robin weisman

Robin pictured on the right.

‘3 Men and a Little Lady,’ which is a sequel to the 1987 box office smash 3 Men and a Baby, starred Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted Danson as Mary’s three father figures. Their tight-knit group is torn apart when her mother, Sylvia (played by actress Nancy Travis), decides to marry a British man and move them across the pond. For those of you familiar with the flick, you’re well aware of its fairytale ending that just so happens to feature one of the best late ‘80s songs. Ahem:

Oh, and FYI, Robin did not portray baby Mary in the original flick. That honor went to twins Lisa Blair and Michelle Blair Ontonovich!

three men and a baby

The 27-year-olds appeared on ‘Today’ last summer.

three men and a baby

Lisa, in the black, works in customer service, and Michelle, in blue, is married and a new mom.

Time really does fly.