It’s been six years since Demi Lovato got sober — she was addicted to cocaine, Adderall, and alcohol — and with each year that passes, the “Tell Me You Love Me” singer uses the opportunity to talk to fans about overcoming her addiction. She posted an empowering message on Instagram and wrote, “Today is a very special day for me… I’m officially celebrating 6 years of sobriety!! I’m so thankful to my family, friends, and @castcenters for being a part of this journey. A huge part of my recovery was learning to love myself and to give back to others.”

Lovatics immediately flooded Demi’s social media with congratulatory messages, similar recovery stories, and even started the hashtag, #CongratsOn6YearsDemi. “3 years soon for me. I’m so proud of you ?,” one fan shared. Another said, “Happy 6 years sober, beautiful girl. Proud is an understatement. You’re the role model of our generation and we’re so lucky to have you. I love you ??❤️ #CongratsOn6YearsDemi.”

With lots of help and support, Demi was able to overcome her addiction, but clearly, it’s still a part of who she is today. And while she may seem incredibly strong-minded when it comes to drugs and alcohol now, it wasn’t always that way.

demi lovato addiction issues

In her documentary titled, Simply Complicated, Demi talked about her past drug use and said,”I loved it…I felt out of control the first time I did it…I was either craving drugs or on drugs. I was not easy to work with.” Nick Jonas attested to that in the documentary when he explained how Demi fooled everyone into thinking she was getting sober when she really was not.

He said, “It became really good you know between she and I for a while and growing closer than we’ve ever been. I remember thinking in my head I felt a bit of pride about it, like selfishly maybe I was helping her back to being the Demi we know and love. She’s not going to do anything crazy, she’ll be fine and then this episode happened.”

The “episode” he referred to was the incident when Demi was on Adderall and punched her back up dancer in the face before the whole crew took off on a private plane. What made her lash out? Demi got word that this specific dancer had told Kevin Jonas Sr. — who was part of her management at the time — about her drug use.

From there, Demi’s team threatened to completely cut her off and walk away — and that’s when she decided it was time for a real change. Her personal-development coach, Mike Bayer, said, “The most important fear to Demi is losing people, is losing people that she cares about and that love her. That’s the most important thing to Demi.”