After the Trading Spaces reboot aired this past Saturday April 7 on TLC, it’s safe to say that everyone’s favorite design show is back and better than ever. The audience reception has been so outstanding, in fact, that everyone and their mother is asking, “Where can I watch Trading Spaces?” Fortunately, we’ve got just the answer.

Considering that the original series ran from 2000 to 2008, there are plenty of episodes floating around the Internet. That said, a majority of them are only available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play. If you’re looking to steam both new and old episodes for free, the only place to do so is the official TLC Trading Spaces homepage.

The latest episode, “Not Our First Rodeo” is already available to stream! Beyond that, there are 22 classic episodes available to watch including fan-favorites like “Los Angeles: North Cherokee Avenue,” “Raleigh: Legging Lane,” and “Washington, DC: Acker Place.”

If you’re hesitant to indulge in the reboot, don’t be! Paige Davis assured fans back in February during an interview with Kansas City Spaces, “Our designers will still surprise. One of the great things about Trading Spaces is that there are so many designers, six original legacy designers. And then we have three new designers. That’s nine designers to choose from, and two per episode. You’re never going to see the same thing twice. Some will be more contemporary, some will be more traditional, but we’ll always be fun. Trading Spaces definitely put the fun in design television and home television.”

New episodes of Trading Spaces will air on TLC every Saturday at 9 p.m. EST.