Leaving your baby for the first time is excrutiating for any mother, and that includes celebrities! Khloé Kardashian was incredibly vulnerable with fans when she opened up on July 5 about how anxious she was about going back to work after having baby True. However, some fans' reactions were less than supportive. They're all like, where does she even work?

"What work? Work for the mom who goes to a real 9-5 to only make enough to get by and pay for day care. B—h please. You never worked a day in your life," said one outraged commenter. "Khloé complained about going back to work… WHAT?! She has the luxury of being able to take her baby with her and I’m sure brands and whoever she works with will be flexible with their schedule, especially with Kris managing her," complained another. "Khloé posted about her first day 'back to work.' Like b—h what is your work?! Getting your hair and make up done for photo shoots?! That must be ~ e X h A u S t I n G ~," a third chimed in.

To be fair, Koko does a heck of a lot more than getting her makeup done. The 34-year-old is a full-blown entrepreneur, running her denim company Good American. She also promotes her sisters' products, does press, shoots for her TV show, and is an author. A professional can't exactly bring a baby to an important meeting because they're unpredictable. What if True started screaming when they're trying to discuss important business plans?

Khloé is certainly priviliged in that she has plenty of money and a big family to help take care of her child when she's away, and she never has to struggle finding a daycare or making sure her baby is in good hands. She also has more control over her schedule, and can often bring her baby with her when other moms don't have that option, but that doesn't mean she isn't forced to spend at least some time away from her daughter True, and that must be hard consider they've spent nearly every second together since True was born.

"Tomorrow is my first day back to work," Khloé said one day earlier. "I have missed a feeding here or there with True… but I've never missed multiple feedings in a day, so I have a ton of anxiety. I've been thinking 'the 6th, the 6th, I have to start work on the 6th' and I've been getting just anxious about it. I don't know how I'm going to leave her all day tomorrow." It's always a good thing to have working moms speak up about the struggles that come along with it, like the pressure of leaving your kid, or issues with childcare. Keep talking, Koko!

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