Bring on the snow! Though each season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette kicks off in the show’s iconic LA mansion, the franchise’s newest spin-off takes place on the opposite side of the country. So, where is The Bachelor Winter Games filmed? In chilly Wilmington, VT!

The international cast from all around the world bunked at The Hermitage Club, a luxury resort in the Haystack Mountains — so it’s safe to say the challenges the cast is forced to participate in will involve puffy coats rather than string bikinis.

the bachelor winter games getty

Despite the climate change, Chris Harrison is still hosting the series with sports journalist Hannah Storm by his side as they watch and provide commentary for the physical competitions. And just like every Bachelor Nation show, there are plenty of hookups, breakups, and drama to keep us glued to the television week after week — but if you want to just skip to the good stuff, there are lots of spoilers to catch up on as well!

So far, several contestants have formed romantic connections, such as American Josiah Graham and New Zealand star Ally Thompson, and American Clare Crawley chose German hunk Christian Rauch (aka Juan Pablo 2.0) over Canadian Benoit Beauséjour-Savard in her love triangle. Bachelor in Paradise cutie Dean Unglert is dating fellow American Lesley Murphy, virgin Ashley Iaconetti might be headed to the fantasy suite with Canadian Kevin Wendt, and Australian Courtney Dober has seemingly found love with Lily McManus from New Zealand.

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Lesley and Dean.

Fan favorite Ben Higgins has yet to find someone he clicks with — and his ex-girlfriend Lauren Bushnell might be to blame. Stay tuned to see who’s crowned the winner of the competition, and which stars leave with a new love!

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