When fans were first introduced to Jack Stone on The Bachelorette it was his “creepy” smile that got people talking. Dubbed a “serial killer” by viewers thanks to his wide grin, the attorney quickly went viral.

However, fast forward to Bachelor in Paradise, and fans saw a whole new side of Jack, 32, and the nickname was seemingly forgotten. However, when twins Emily and Haley Ferguson returned to Paradise, they did not hesitate to call him a serial killer after he refused to go on a double date. And frankly, it’s getting old.

“Listen, here’s the deal. I asked you on this date to be nice because you hadn’t been on a date,” Haley rudely told Jack on the show. “Do you really think I want to go out with a serial killer? Or anyone involved with scallop fingers?” The twins have since apologized for their behavior on the show but it seems like the name calling will continue on tonight’s finale.

“Like a serial killer, he killed our vibes,” one of the twins tells host Chris Harrison in front of a clearly unamused Jack. Of his portrayal on the reality dating competition, Jack has spoken out about how unfairly he was edited.

“I felt like I was one of the more genuine guys,” he said on The Rose Buds podcast. “They didn’t show any of the good conversations, they didn’t show any of the funny moments, they frankly didn’t show much of me at all and the stuff they did show was very cut up, very edited.”

Unfortunately, along with a sexual misconduct scandal, this season of BiP also featured excessive bullying that went beyond Jack to Christen Whitney, who unknowingly became the center of a recurring joke and was called “scallop fingers” behind her back. Several stars from the franchise slammed the cast about the bullying on social media.

“Bullying is not cool. There is a big difference between a joke in good fun and bullying,” former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky wrote. Alum Olivia Caridi also chimed in, tweeting, “Man, I just really hate bullying y’all. There’s another conversation that should be brought up on #BachelorinParadise.”

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