Most athletes have no problem showing off their killer bodies — and Olympian and retired women’s soccer star Brandi Chastain is no exception!

Best known for her celebratory moment at the 1999 World Cup Tournament – where Brandi ripped off her shirt in the excitement of the win, revealing her sports bra – she's once again going shirtless, but this time for a different reason.

Over the weekend, the 45-year-old took part in NYC’s MoonWalk, a power-walking marathon that helps raise awareness and money for breast cancer. Over 1,500 people participated in the event, wearing their own decorated sports bras.

The celebration, which lasted into the early hours of the morning, got other pedestrians and city residents to join in on the fun.

“In NYC anything goes, and when the public saw men and women walking down the streets, they honked their horns and wanted to know what was going on,” Brandi said. “It wasn't hard at all to get the walkers to take off their shirts. The camaraderie was amazing and all the participants were enthusiastic and loved showing off their amazingly colorful bras.”  

While most people will never forget the image of Brandi stripping down on the field, she shared that she'll only occasionally reenact the moment.  “I have to say I've only repeated the celebration maybe once or twice," she revealed. "So I don't do it very often, but I will do it for special causes and good reason and the MoonWalk obviously is one of the best reasons."

Check out Brandi reminiscing about her sports bra moment below: