Rapper 50 Cent is bragging about his son ‘just a lil bit.’ The hip-hop star took to Instagram to post a photo from Davian’s first day of school. But unlike most 12-year-old students, he’s headed to college.

“My other little guy Davian is gifted he is 12, today is his first day at Hunter College. Smh Smart Kid,” he captioned the photo. Watch the video below to get a look at his first day.

While 50 (real name: Curtis Jackson) has often gushed about the little boy, he is not related to Davian by blood but has taken him under his wing. “He’s not my biological son, but I treat him as my son. I just met him and it was interesting because the way he looked at me and he’s shaking and crying,” he told Keisha Nicole on Indianapolis’ 96.3 FM. “[It was] all the things I wish my actual older son was but we just don’t have that relationship, because when you pray for success, you don’t pray for jealousy, envy, or entitlement and those things come along with it.”

They might not be related but they definitely look alike. Previously, he posted a letter from Davian’s school where it stated he was the child received a “perfect score” on the citywide English exam. It was also where it was first revealed he was offered a spot at Hunter College. “We would like to recommend Davian to the Hunter College Summer Intensive Program. It’s a program offered to some of the city’s highest scoring students grades 5-10. We think Davian would be a perfect candidate for this.”

The Power star is also a father to sons Marquise, 19, and Sire, 5. His youngest kid recently landed a $700,000 modeling contract. “It’s an audio company; they paid him a big payment too,” 50 explained. “I was getting ready to say, ‘This is your college fund,’ but I gotta handle that part and let him just have that.”