Get ready because everyone’s favorite Instagram star will soon be making her TV debut (fingers crossed!) Abigail Ratchford has racked up over 8 million followers on the social media platform and it looks like her popularity has landed her a reality show.

The brunette beauty is currently working on a series about her life and she shared the exciting news exclusively with Life & Style. “I just filmed a pilot for E! about two months ago,” she said. “They sent back three rounds of edits that they wanted to be redone, and some things they wanted to be reshot. Now we’re waiting. That would be huge for me.”

Abigail, 25, explained how the show will revolve around Instagram-famous models and models without a huge social media following as they compete for jobs. “We’re all friends in LA and it just shows the different obstacles that we face and the different stereotypes that we have placed upon us. It just shows us interacting with each other and also our own individual journey.”

Abigail’s rise to IG notoriety happened completely by accident after a photographer from her home state of Pennsylvania posted her photo on his Facebook page. Within a couple of days, she was featured on Sports Illustrated and Maxim‘s websites — prompting her to get on social media to launch her career. Now along with a possible reality television career, Abigail is also working on a skincare line, which is expected to drop early next year.

She stopped by Life & Style offices along with her NYC makeup artist Rue Mendez to show fans how she goes from day to night with her makeup and opened up about her routine. “I’m obsessed with skincare. I always talk about my favorite products on my Snapchat and Instagram. I love La Mer moisturizer, Philosophy, I love their skincare line from Sephora, and Mario Badescu, his stuff is always good. Those are my favorites but I always, always try to wash my makeup off. That’s the worst thing for your skin if you go to bed with makeup on.”

She continued, “Always use a night cream and always use sunscreen. I always put sunscreen on, even if it’s SPF 15 or 20. I feel you don’t even realize sometimes how much sun you take in and one day you’re going to wake up with a ton of brown spots you don’t want.” You can follow Abigail on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her Snapchat, @AbiRatchford.