We’re only four days into 2018, yet we’re already being introduced to a terrifying new beauty trend. Nail Sunny, a nail art chain in Russia, shared photos and videos of their latest creation on Instagram: actual blinking eyeballs.

Though they may look 3D at first, the lids move up and down thanks to a tiny bar on the back of the nail. The salon showed how they created the mini masterpieces — and it’s just as labor intensive as it looks!

First, the artist drills a hole into a long fake nail. Then, they craft the wooden eyeball, using white and, in this case, blue paint to make the retina and iris. Next up, they create a mold for the eyeball. They then insert a bar into the mold, which now contains the eyeball, before attaching it to the nail.

The artist then uses nail polish to draw on brows and liner, spruces up the lid with eyeshadow — in this instance, they use beauty influencer Huda Kattan‘s palette — and adds fake lashes! Clearly, this is one trend that can’t easily be replicated.

Though we don’t expect to see a ton of girls walking around with blinking eyeballs on their hands in the coming weeks, the beauty community has embraced some seriously weird looks lately. Over the holidays, Christmas tree brows became a thing, which saw makeup enthusiasts add mini ornaments or candy cane stripes to the area above their eye. “Your eyebrows may be on fleek, but have they ever been Lit?” makeup artist Hillary Jeffers hilariously captioned her take on the trend.

And, of course, we can’t forget the never not horrible squiggle brows, which many Instagrammers achieved by using Elmer’s glue to shape the hairs. That trend can 100% stay in 2017!

h/t Cosmopolitan