Aww!Coco Austin’s Daughter Chanel Says Her First Word!

Baby Chanel Nicole just reached a new milestone!

New mommy Coco Austin chatted with E! News on Thursday and couldn’t help but gush about her nine-month-old, whom she shares with husband Ice-T — and revealed the little one’s first word!

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"I really try to get her to say mama," Coco gushed. "But we haven't gotten there yet. The other day she said the word 'hi.' In the morning when I wake up with her…I always say the word 'hi, hi, hi.' I wanted her to say it again. She was like what? Say it again."

Little Chanel is quite the overachiever, and made major developments in just one week!

"She started doing everything — she said hi, she got her tooth, and she started clapping,” Coco continued. “My sister showed her to clap. And now all she does is clap. When you meet her for the first time, she starts clapping."

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You’re off to a great start, Chanel! Click through the gallery for more cute pictures of Chanel!