Jennifer Aniston recently opened up about an ex-boyfriend, whom she deems her "first love," and seemingly dissed ex-hubby Brad Pitt in the process!

When talking about her former flame, the Golden Globe nominee revealed, "Five years we were together. He would have been 'The One'. But I was 25, and I was stupid."

Hear that, Brad-o? He would have been 'The One'!

daniel mcdonald

Daniel McDonald, the man identified as Jennifer’s “first love.”

The man, whom the 'DailyMail' has identified as actor Daniel McDonald, died in 2007 from a brain tumor, and Jennifer believes he's had a hand in her current relationship status.

"He must have sent me Justin [Theroux] to make up for it all," the 45-year-old tells the 'New York Times' of her fiancé.

jennifer aniston

Jennifer and fiancé Justin Theroux.

So is the actress just glossing over those six years she was with Brad in the late '90s and early '00s? And is she saying she would have married Daniel instead if she wasn't young and foolish?

We can't imagine life without the Brad and Jennifer era…even though a woman named Angelina ended up getting in the way.