She knows her customers! A San Diego-based Girl Scout was a shrewd businesswoman when she set up shop outside a marijuana dispensary called Urbn Leaf. Unsurprisingly, she totally rocked the cookie selling game, and sold more than 300 boxes. It was, however, after the dispensary posted about the young entrepreneur on their Instagram account that the Girl Scout organization was forced to decide if what this young girl did was against the rules.

If you were a Girl Scout yourself, you know that there are strict rules when it comes to selling cookies. Reps for the Girl Scouts said there are regulations for selling cookies outside businesses. According to the San Diego Tribune, who spoke with Mary Doyle, the communications director for the Girl Scouts, girls can set up outside a business only if they get a proper permit. She also said that the dispensary was not an approved site for sales. “The walk-about or door-to-door sales rules are in place to protect Girl Scouts and their families from receiving citations for solicitation of cookies,” she added.

The news received a mixed reaction on social media. “Location, location, location! Good thinking. What time is it? It's munchie time!” one user said. Another added, “You’ve got to admit that this was a brilliant idea because where else could she have gone and found an audience with the munchies?”

Others were quick to question whether selling Girl Scout cookies outside a weed dispensary is appropriate. “I don't wanna burst anyone's bubble but I wonder if it sets a good, moral standard for girl scouts to associate themselves with the munchies,” one user wrote. “I mean, on one end, it’s brilliant! On the other, ‘Pot and Girl Scout Fundraising go hand in hand’ might not be the headline you want.” What do you think of the whole ordeal?!