Never underestimate the power of fonts. While Elvis Duran was announcing Jimmy Fallon’s special Central Park episode of The Tonight Show, the vet radio host spilled his surprise guest — and the results were hilarious. 

“We were talking about the Central Park jam and we are excited about that and there is a special guest that is coming on that I can’t even talk about but, I guess…” Jimmy Fallon said while handing a piece of paper to Elvis. “Can we say this?!” Elvis responded in disbelief. “So you are doing the show, it’s an evening show. So, when does it play? When does the Central Park show play?” Elvis continued. 

While giving him the OK, Jimmy said, “I guess you could just do it. You are Elvis Duran… you could do anything you want anyway.”

Once again, Elvis asked, “But when is it on though?” to which Jimmy replied, “Tomorrow night.” Elvis echoed, “So this is on tomorrow night. Blake Lively, in the Central Park show, Carrie Underwood — and our friend Justin Bieber.” 

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While trying to cut him off, Jimmy screamed, “No! Oh my god! You can’t say that! No… that’s the secret name that you are not supposed to read!” Confused, Elvis stated, “You told me to read it!”

“It was in italics! That means you don’t say it. It’s a secret guest!” Jimmy said while the whole crew broke out in laughter. Defending his actions, Elvis said, “Didn’t you think he wanted me to say who it was?” Watch the clip below to see the hilarious mix up:

After Jimmy revealed that he only wanted the radio host to hint at it, he jokingly said, “You could’ve said Bustin Jieber and no one would’ve known who it was.” He continued, “Anyway, now we might not air it. That will be the surprise… will we air it or not.”

The Tonight Show host ultimately loses it after Elvis reveals another one of his secrets. “And keep listening for more big Kevin Hart surprises along the way,” Elvis said, referring to Jimmy’s second special guest. 

“I’m ripping the paper up,” Jimmy said. “Don’t read any more of my secrets!”

Stay tuned for Jimmy’s Central Park show on September 19th.