<p><span></span>Despite going through one of the nastiest divorces in reality-TV history, <a href="http://dynamic.bauerpublishing.com/mt-search.fcgi?blog_id=2&tag=jon%20gosselin&limit=20&IncludeBlogs=2"><strong>Jon Gosselin</strong></a> reveals to <em>Life & Style</em> that he's ready to take another walk down the aisle! The reality dad has been dating 24-year-old <strong>Ellen Ross</strong> for more than a year and see mairrage in their future. "I definitely would not be with her this long if I didn't have the intentions to marry her," Jon, 34, raves to <em>Life & Style</em>. "We're enjoying each other's company, and we're still going strong." But that doesn't mean he's spending less quality time with his brood of eight! "My plan is to enjoy my life by spending time with my kids as well as with Ellen," Jon tells <em>Life & Style.</em><br />

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