Sister, sister! Jordyn Woods is so gorgeous, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like if there was two of her. It would be chaos for hearts everywhere. Well, get ready to go crazy, because her little sister, Jodie Woods, is a spitting image of her big sis — and they took to social media together on April 28, to prove it.

“Thank you mom & dad. I didn’t know that when I asked for a baby sis 13 years ago my mom would birth another me. 💪🏾💕,” the 21-year-old captioned a series of three selfies posted to her Instagram of herself and her 14-year-old sis. It’s seriously insane how much they look alike — if it weren’t for the obvious age difference, you’d swear they were identical.

Good to know they’ll never lose each other in a crowd, huh?

Fans and followers alike rushed to the comments section to gush about how cute these ~twins~ are together and we totally don’t blame them. “Aww, like a mini you,” one user commented, while another chimed in with, “Wait, you have a whole ass clone!” LOL, that’s pretty much true, even down to Jodie’s fairly impressive follower count. No, she’s not in the millions like her sis just yet, but at almost 350k, she’s following in the footsteps for sure.

“I never knew how much we looked alike till now,” Jodie wrote on her own post of the same photoset. “Nobody understands how much love I have for this girl. I look up to her in so many ways. Sisters by blood but best friends by choice. I love you Jordy ❤️”

It’s clear the model and her sis have gotten extra close in the aftermath of the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. During a post-bombshell appearance on Red Table Talk, Jordyn mentioned how difficult it was for her little sister to attend school amid all the attention. We’re glad to see all the negativity has brought them closer than ever.