We see you, girl! Jordyn Woods took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday, June 12, to educate fans on why it’s important to stay active as she made her way to the gym. The 21-year-old is healthy and has an amazing bod, so naturally, she’s quite the expert on the subject.

“We all get off track and that’s OK,” she began. “I’ve been slacking recently because of work and travel, but it is time to lock in. Health is wealth. Make no excuses.”

Then, she encouraged viewers to partake in anything that requires them to move around. “This is just my friendly reminder to anybody watching to just … Summer is here. Lock in,” she continued. “Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator or the escalator. Just make a conscience effort to do something to help benefit your well-being because your physical health can even help your mental health. Drink more water and stay blessed.”

Afterward, Jordyn shared videos of her workouts and it’s safe to say they’re intense. Go big or go home, right?! Hours later, she thanked fans for their support after announcing she reached 10 million Instagram followers. “Side note, one of my guilty pleasures when I wake up in the morning is to check Instagram and I woke up this morning, I checked my Instagram and I woke up to 10 million of you following me,” she said.

“I don’t know what to say. Thank you. I love you. Welcome,” she continued before blowing a kiss at the camera. ‘I’m really overwhelmed and grateful. That’s a lot of people. So if you’re new here, welcome. If you’ve been here since the beginning when I was like 13, it’s been a journey. I don’t even know what to say…”

Just a few months ago, Jordyn was dealing with staying low-key after dealing with the backlash of the cheating scandal. She’s come a long way!