Visual art has the power to transport us through time and across cultures, whether it’s a painting that captures the spirit of a bygone age, a piece of architecture that recounts the story of ancient civilizations, or a sculpture that reflects the beauty and complexity of the human form. Exploring the field of visual arts is the best way to connect not just with the past but also the current social landscape.

People’s persistent desire for paintings has provided artists with opportunities to showcase their skills by drawing and catching their attention. Several artists have risen to prominence in the past as a result of their extraordinary skills. We’ve seen a variety of paintings, from those that discuss history or social concerns to others that are purely abstract and provide a fresh view on the world.

For Karl Wilkes, visual arts have always been a fascination and with his remarkable talent, he has repeatedly fulfilled his vision. He is an American artist known worldwide for his historical paintings, sculptures, multimedia, abstract works, motivational speaking and artistry in residency programs – workshops & exhibits.

Karl Wilkes
Courtesy of Karl Wilkes

A Major Breakthrough

It is believed that true talent does not require endorsements to be recognized, and this is its beauty—it can shine without the assistance of others. Karl Wilkes is one of the prime examples of it. He has put all of his talent to good use by producing one breakthrough painting after another and quickly becoming a fan favorite. Having invested everything in history, he has taken it upon himself to ensure that it reaches all of the essential platforms so that others can learn about African American history.

History Lesson#5 is one of his works that is well-known in the art world. It is a social issue of the most revolutionary Black Americans who brought about a move from targeted enslavement to racism. It beautifully describes how Black Americans have endured struggles in the country in order to secure a place for themselves and future generations. Due to its popularity, this picture attracted a lot of attention and was chosen for inclusion in the national curriculum by big businesses like Pepsi and Scholastic Inc. Students can connect with and aid African Americans through this action.

Wilkes’ paintings provide a fresh outlook on the historic world, capturing the interest of the public. This is why he has attracted many prominent individuals, including celebrities, who are interested in his paintings. Among the contributors are Prince, Michael Jackson, Jay Leno, and Muhammad Ali, to mention a few.

The highest accolade for Wilkes is that one of his paintings of a young Harriet Turban has received such widespread recognition from the authorities that it is being considered for inclusion on $20 bills.

His relentless commitment has earned him several accolades in the United States and throughout the world, bringing him international fame and attention. He got the International American Art Award for Europe, the International Arts Festival Award (Seoul, Korea), and the NAACP Image Award (Lowes Hero 2010-2018) twice while attending Clemson University in South Carolina. His work has also been exhibited at prominent galleries and museums such as the Harriet Tubman Museum, the #12 Gallery in London, England, the Wong Museum of Art, the Great American History Museum Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the Atomic Museum Nevada in Las Vegas.

Despite his fame, Wilkes is a humble and down-to-earth person who is always willing to assist those in need. He distributes the majority of his money earned from paintings to charity in order to remain humble and grateful.

Karl Wilkes
Courtesy of Karl Wilkes

A Source of Inspiration for Young Artists

Everyone needs a role model to look up to. Karl Wilkes has established himself as a tremendous influence in the art world, inspiring young people to pursue careers in this industry. He draws people not only via his motivational speech but also with his valued work.

Wilkes is not only a brilliant artist but also a history teacher who teaches history to seventh and eighth graders as well as college students. He uses this chance to increase awareness for black people in America, teaching them from a young age to be modest and kind to everyone. He has created significant awareness on Black History from a unique perspective, shattering the monotony that has existed in America for centuries.

Future artists should be inspired by Wilkes’ artwork to learn about an important aspect of the art industry. His work speaks volumes about his unwavering effort as someone who has always remained committed to his purpose. If you want to envision yourself as someone who wants to make a difference in the world, let your love of painting run wild and allow the strokes of your brush to bring your vision to life. Go visit Karl Wilkes’ website to see his revolutionary paintings for yourself.

Article presented by Tom White