Another day, another controversy for YouTuber RiceGum. The 21-year-old posted a video on Feb. 21 titled "1 Kill = Remove 1 Clothing Piece Fortnite w/ Kim Kardashian!! (Insane Ending)," and after watching the clip, fans were angry for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the video does not really feature Kim, but a lookalike named Kami Osman. While Kami is totally gorgeous, it doesn't take a genius to realize that it's not the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star. But fans didn't take kindly to being lied to. "You f–king clickbaited us. That not Kim Kardashian in your f–king video today. You piece of s–t," tweeted one angry follower.

On the other hand, Kim's fans didn't like her being misrepresented as being willing to do a video with the controversial web star. "Do you honestly think someone like Kim Kardashian is going to waste even 10 seconds of her time with someone like Ricegum?" wrote a pissed-off viewer. "That's a fake Kim, I don't think RiceGum would be able to be friends with her," agreed another. For her part, Kim hasn't acknowledged the video at all.

Fans were also creeped out at the whole premise of the video: RiceGum pretended to have never played a very popular video game called Fortnite, and then made a deal that Kami would take off one clothing item for each player he kills. She seemed to be against the bet at first, until he promised that he isn't good at the game and probably wasn't going to do very well. The fact that he ends up winning the game would have proved that he lied to get Kami naked, except for the fact that many fans think it was rigged from the beginning.

"I doubt Rice was actually playing," said a commenter. "I bet the game was pre-recorded and he got someone else to play on his account. Not once did he move his eyes up or down to look at the map etc. also there was a point where he had only one hand on the controller and he was running forward and looking around with the right analog stick, does he have three hands? 0_o."

RiceGum has a history of drama, from his over-the-top diss tracks, to being accused of assaulting YouTuber Gabbie Hanna, to recording women on webcam without their consent or knowledge. However, he has 9.4 million subscribers, so clearly his fans don't care.